2016 Translation Fund

spencer Jan. 14, 2016 IN translation fundin-languagefundingtranslation

More than a million people in Washington speak a language other than English at home. These people participate in their communities, they need services, and they vote. How are you engaging these communities in their preferred language?

New Year's Resolutions

shetha Jan. 4, 2016 IN New Year'smessagingframing

We are a culture that values having all the answers. As progressives, we often believe the answers are complex and nuanced.

Communicating to Support Field

shetha Dec. 7, 2015 IN Fieldcommunications

Here in Seattle, we’re lucky to have a community of nonprofit communicators that wear several hats. During election season, many of us work more closely with field program staff, or even lead field efforts for our organizations.

"Congrats, you've got an #AllMalePanel"

shetha Nov. 30, 2015 IN feminismdiversitycommunications

Most women are generally not surprised when they attend a community event designed to spotlight male voices and accomplishments. In fact, it’s such a default in the worlds of advocacy and public service that many attendees don’t even notice it.

Messaging Guide: HALA and Affordability

shetha Nov. 10, 2015 IN messagingHALAhousingaffordabilityseattle
What kind of city does Seattle want to be?

Say What You Mean

shetha Jul. 24, 2015 IN messagingreproductive rightsabortionpolling

As 2016 approaches, we’re witnessing the emergence of another cycle of well-funded campaign messages. These are tested and re-tested, formed and re-formed, passed through focus group after focus group. The end goal is to find the winning words, those that poll best.

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