Visual Storytelling: Powerful Communication for the Digital Age

We all know the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words. Brain scientists will tell you it’s true, give or take a few words. How often have you opted for a picture instead of a paragraph to create powerful messages? Perhaps it's time to shift from thinking “how can I say this best?” to “how can I show this best?” Resource Media will share research about how the brain processes images and how you can apply that knowledge to your work; case studies featuring extraordinary visual storytelling; and ten tips for making your communications more visual and more effective.

Thursday, April 30th 10:00AM – 4:00PM
Lunch and refreshments will be provided.
Don’t forget to register online – space is limited.

Why should you attend?
Nonprofits have made tremendous progress over the past two decades by embracing the use of values-based messaging to connect with our audiences. We’ve learned to use research, and not just a gut feeling to develop effective messages. But how do we choose the visuals that accompany our messages, or that populate our websites? Advances in brain science show us that visuals are processed before any other communique, and are perhaps the most influential communications we can deploy to reach people at an emotional level to act on a cause. This workshop will help advocates learn the most strategic ways to leverage visuals for maximum communications impact.

What are 3 questions you’ll have answered by this training?
1. How do I choose the most effective, not necessarily the most aesthetic, visuals for a campaign?
2. What ten things can I do when I get back to my office to be a better visual storyteller?
3. What is the latest brain and decision making science on how people process visuals and are moved to act through strategic visual communications?

Trainer: Liz Banse, Vice President, Resource Media and author of Seeing is Believing: A Guide to Visual Storytelling Best Practices

Don’t forget to register online – space is limited.