I’ve become a fan of many things, since moving to Seattle: coffee, rain, football (go Hawks!). But beyond falling in love with the Emerald City and all the lovely things it has to offer, I’ve also become a fan of the support women within the progressive community give each other in Seattle. There have been several occasions where, over wine, coffee or jogging (it seems everyone jogs here!), some of our community’s strongest women get together to talk about the workplace and, more importantly, how we can help one another in our journey to fulfilling our goals and passions.

As I began looking for more resources that could help me navigate through the political and non-profit landscape, specifically in the communications field, I came across one of the best, most inspiring blogs for women communicators, especially those who do and/or work in public speaking -- The Eloquent Woman. In this blog, Denise Graveline showcases some of her favorite best practices, tools and advice on public speaking and communications. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good Brad Pitt meme Tumblr as much as the next person, but every now and then, reading up on how to improve my skills on public speaking and communications has really helped me step into my role as the Communications Engagement Manager.

I highly recommend this blog for any and all women who are either starting out in their communications careers or have been in this field for a while now. Actually, I recommend this blog to anyone who’s curious for advice and tips on embracing womanhood in the workplace and everywhere else. Again, many wonderful women have helped and continue to support my communications career, and this is me paying it forward.

Communicator pro-tip: check out Graveline’s Famous Speech Friday, where she highlights some of the best speeches our favorite female role-models have given throughout history and today.