Special Guest: Anat Shenker-Osorio

In this half-day workshop, participants will learn to diagnose common mistakes in messaging and fix them to ensure our words work powerfully and effectively on behalf of our beliefs and desired policy solutions. From examining conceptual metaphor to interrogating the use of the passive voice, participants will walk through the latest research in perception and persuasion and also in testing real world progressive messages to engage our base, persuade the middle and alienate the opposition.

Please come prepared with a piece of already published or intended to be published writing, preferably your own. This could be an op-ed, website text, issue brief or other form of communication attempting to explain and advocate on behalf of your issue.

Thursday, June 18th 12PM – 4PM
SEIU 775NW Auditorium
215 Columbia St, Seattle WA 98104
Light refreshments will be provided.

RSVP online. Space is limited.

Trainer: Anat Shenker-Osorio is the author of the acclaimed book “Don’t Buy It: The Trouble with Talking Nonsense About the Economy.” As a strategic communications consultant, she has conducted multiple studies on how people reason about clean energy, sex education, economic justice, immigrants and women’s rights. Anat’s writing and research has appeared in The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Salon, the Christian Science Monitor, the Boston Globe, among other publications.