Naming a Villain - Trump Style

shetha Mar. 29, 2017 IN Villaincommunicationsheroes narrativeelection 2016

The villain is a crucial element in any narrative. But it’s also the area that most progressive campaigns struggle with the most.

Climate Justice Narrative

shetha Dec. 1, 2016 IN narrativeclimate justiceclimate changeenvironmentracial justice

Few topics are as difficult to communicate as climate change. As progressives, we often see this issue as a matter of science and facts, and attempt to educate the broader public accordingly.

Messaging Guide: Taxes, Revenue, and Government

shetha Jul. 1, 2016 IN messagingtaxesrevenuegovernmentnarrative

Roadshow Reflections: What We Learned

shetha Jun. 30, 2016 IN Roadshow 2016All In For Washingtontrainingtaxesrevenuegovernment

It feels great to be back home after our seven-city roadshow across the state of Washington. From Spokane to Yakima, Seattle to Vancouver, and points in between, we’ve been travelling quite a bit to talk to folks about taxes, revenue, and the role of government.

Roadshow 2016 -- Statewide Training Tour

spencer Mar. 29, 2016 IN trainingsroadshowtaxesrevenuegovernment

Are you ready for a new public conversation on taxes, revenue, and the role of government?

Panel: Seattle's Vibrant Ethnic Media Community

shetha Jan. 22, 2016 IN ethnic mediapaneleventsseattleearned media

How do we reach the Rising American Electorate? How do we message to diverse communities? How can we be relevant and culturally competent? For many of us, these are ever-present questions in our work.

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