One-Stop Shop For Women Communicators

nataly Oct. 10, 2014 IN public speakingcommunication tips

I’ve become a fan of many things, since moving to Seattle: coffee, rain, football (go Hawks!). But beyond falling in love with the Emerald City and all the lovely things it has to offer, I’ve also become a fan of the support women within the progressive community give each other in Seattle.

Can We Stop The Bashing Already?

nataly Oct. 7, 2014 IN messagingadvertisementsgovernment

“The bashing needs to stop -- Democrats bashing Republicans, Republicans bashing Democrats -- it all just needs to stop.”

“It makes me want to not vote.”

“It’s really negative, it’s not really saying anything about the candidate, it’s just putting down the other opponent.”

Join Our Book Club!

spencer Sep. 25, 2014 IN book clubwinning the story wars
Can you believe it’s already fall? The leaves have begun to change colors, the skies are darkening with clouds, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy afternoon than reading a great book.

Heroes' Narrative Roadshow - Sign up!

spencer May. 6, 2014 IN roadshowtrainingskick off

The Heroes' Narrative is hitting the road and visiting a community near you! We are about to embark on an 8 city training tour in the Pacific Northwest, visiting Yakima, Bellingham, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Spokane, Portland (OR), and Vancouver (WA). Will you join us?

Once Upon A Time In A State Legislature Near You...

ella May. 2, 2014 IN framehistoryconservative

The Turtle And The Trucker: A Parable *

A Flawed Hero?

ella Apr. 29, 2014 IN heroesvaluestacoma

It’s okay for a hero to have flaws. In fact, it’s better.

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